On this page you will find all available updates for your Mini Maxx V2 device.


Simply download the latest version and install the files following the instructions.

New version 2.02 available Release date: August 29, 2022

Update Instructions:

You will Need:

- Windows PC with a free USB port

- The USB adapter included with the Mini Maxx

- The SD card from the tuner

How to install the update:

1. Introduce the SD card in your computer


2. Download the update file

3. Unzip the files on your desktop

4. Format the SD card with your current files

5. Drag and drop the update files on the SD card

6. Remove the SD card from the computer

7. Reinstall the SD card into the Mini Maxx

8. Power on the Mini Maxx

9. Go into the Menu and scroll all the way down to "Update Firmware"

10. Click "Update Firmware" and proceed, the Mini Maxx will load the files and restart

11. Once restarted and connected to the truck, go into Menu and select "Install Download".

12. You are done! The Mini Maxx is now up to date

ALWAYS be sure to always have a battery charger connected when flashing the PCM

Note: If you have any issues please contact help@minimaxx.ca