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On this page you will find all available updates for your Mini Maxx V2 device.


Simply download the latest version and install the files following the instructions.

Version available Release date: July 2023

Update Instructions:

*This update is only for the V2, do not use this update on Mini Maxx V1 tuners*

You will Need:

- Windows PC with a free USB port

-WinRar (free to download)

- The USB adapter included with the Mini Maxx

- The SD card from the tuner

- Fully charged batteries

- A battery charger (10A minimum) 

How to install the update:

1. Introduce the SD card in your computer


2. Download the latest update file using the button above

3. Right-click the compressed folder and click "extract here".  This will create a new folder with unzipped files. 

4. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to your SD card, select all the files and delete them so the SD card is empty.  Then right-click the SD card in the left panel of Windows Explorer and click "format", be sure the file system is set to "FAT", using any other option will cause issues. Let the formatting complete.

5. Open the Extracted folder and drag and drop [cut & paste] all of the files and folders directly onto the SD card.  Be sure you do not copy the whole folder over, only the files and folders within the extracted update folder.

6. Remove the SD card from the computer [eject]

7. Reinstall the SD card into the Mini Maxx

8. Power on the Mini Maxx

9. Go into the Menu and scroll all the way down to "Update Firmware"

10. Click "Update Firmware" and proceed, the Mini Maxx will load the files and restart

11. Once restarted and connected to the truck, go into Menu and select "Install Download".

12. You are done! The Mini Maxx is now up to date

ALWAYS be sure to always have a battery charger supplying at least 10A at all times connected when flashing the PCM

If your tuner displays a "missing sd card" error after this process you are using the wrong file system, it must be "FAT".  If your tuner displays an error about missing a specific file, this means you did not copy the files onto the SD card correctly, the most common cause is dragging the whole extracted folder onto the SD card when we specify you must drag only the files and folders within the extracted folder onto the SD card. 


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