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Mini Maxx V2 Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the V1 and V2?

The V2 is a new product released in 2022, the V1 has been discontinued.

The V2 does not support emissions, you must remove the emissions.

The V2 added support for later model years (19 Ford, 21 RAM, 16 Duramax)

The V2 does not support custom tuning or overdrive trans tuning

The V2 does not have all the special functions of the V1

Part Numbers: V1 = 109003, V2 = 209003


Why didn't my tuner ask about my emissions being removed?

The V2 does not support emissions, so it does not ask whether you have them installed or not. 


Do I need to remove my emissions when running the V2?

Yes, the DPF/DEF/SCR sections of the exhaust must be removed, all sensors in these pipes will need to be disconnected, it's best to leave them in the exhaust and disconnect them when removing. 

Your EGR system can be left installed or removed, if you leave it installed, you need to disconnect the connectors.

Your throttle valve must be unplugged (or removed)


Do you have any instructions?

We do not currently have any instructions, you can see the quick start guide and install video on our homepage. 


How do I use the security bypass cable on my 2018+ RAM?

2018+ RAMs require a bypass cable (#42215). You must use this bypass cable. This bypass cable comes with a replacement OBD Box and USB cable. Replace the OBD box that comes with the Mini Maxx with this bypass version with the red stripe. You will only use this red-striped OBD box on 18+ RAMs. Connect one end of the USB cable into the port on the side of the OBD box and the other side to the green connector behind the dash into the 5th port down on the connector closest to the driver's seat. If the tuner freezes during installation, you likely have the cable plugged into the wrong port.  *Do not update the Mini Maxx with any files other than the ones on our website*


Why do I have Error 294?

Error 294 means you are attempting to install the tuner on an unsupported vehicle.  You are likely trying to install it on a 10-12 RAM 4500-5500 which are not supported.  


Can The Mini Maxx V2 be unlocked?

No, the Mini Maxx V2 cannot be remotely unlocked


Can I use your update on the V1?

No, do not use the V2 update on the V1, this will make your V1 inoperable. 

We do not have any files for the V1


Does the Mini Maxx need to stay plugged in after I tune my truck?

The tuner does not need to stay plugged in. If you remove it, the tuner will default back to the "no power" tune level after a few drive cycles but will not remove the delete tuning, it will be like running in the "no power" tune level.


Where do I wire the fuse tap?

You will need to find a fuse that gets switched ignition power (12V with key in ON position and 0V with key OFF)


Why does my tuner say "warm up mode"?

Engine warmup mode is meant to limit power until temperatures are up to the operating range.  This is controlled through the defueling parameters.  
You can check and adjust these settings as you see fit.  [Menu>Vehicle Setup>Defueling]

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