Known Errors

On this page we will continuously post the errors reported with the Mini Maxx V2 and the solutions.

Find the year and model of your truck and the solution to the error in the list below.


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Find the year and model of your truck and the solution to the error in the list below.

Truck Model/Year and Errors

2015-2016 Duramax LML: C1300I.15D - We have a fix for this, please download the update file version 2.02 here.  

2017 RAM: BC26/BC2E: This is an issue with certain 2017 RAM PCMs and we are still developing a fix, please be patient. If you do not want to wait, contact your retailer for return instructions

2013-2021 RAM: There is currently only one power level of tune, this is a clean-running emissions-delete tune.  More aggressive power tunes are being developed and will be added to an update once available.

2016 Ford Powerstroke: The 2016 model years do not contain a PCV sensor that the MMV2 looks for resulting in a CEL for code P04E3.  This code will not affect the running condition and the only issue is the light on the dash.  We are working on a fix for this issue.

2011+ Duramax LML: Does not read boost, we do not have a fix for this yet.

2018+ RAM: "Part number not currently supported" Our tuner only supports the original PCM software that has a part number that starts with a number, if your PCM part number starts with a letter the tuner will not work.  (This error has been fixed with our new update - Version 2.02 released on August 29, 2022.)

2017-2019 Ford Powerstroke: Our tunes currently don't support the factory EGT sensor, on earlier models, the pyro readout will be wrong but on the 2017+ it will cause issues with boost dropping off and the truck feeling like it has no power.  This will be corrected in a future update but the immediate fix is to unplug the EGT sensor and clear the codes.  The truck will be back to running correctly with the lack of an EGT readout.

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We are working on a fix.