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Power Fix - 2013-2017 RAM 6.7L

The update for the 2013-2017 RAMs is ready for release (The 2018+ files are still being developed).  You will need to download the update and extract the folder.  After you've extracted the folder, open the EXTRACTED folder and move (Cut & Paste) the files into the DODGE folder of the SD card.  After this, you can reinstall the tune onto the truck (Menu > Install Download).


This update contains DTC corrections as well as revamped calibrations that should increase power. 


Click the button below to download the update

Start by taking the SD card out of the tuner and using the Micro SD to USB adapter that was included with the tuner to connect the SD card to your Windows-based PC. 

Download the update using the link above.

Extract the compressed file using WinRar (free to download) by right-clicking the file and selecting "extract here"

Open the newly extracted folder and move all of the contents into the DODGE folder of your SD card

After the files have been transferred you can safely eject the SD card and put the card back in the tuner

Turn your ignition ON (not ACC) and let the tuner power up, once powered up go into the Menu > Install Download and reinstall the tune.


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